2 Westminster Ave Upper Level - $2,800/Month

I hope you're not made of sugar, because you're about to melt. This incredible 2-level apartment in a 3-storey detached Victorian house is certainly a site to behold, in all it's newly renovated glory! Located on Westminster, just off Sorauren, the location doesn't get better than this (assuming you're a West-ender, of course)! It has hardwood floors throughout, a galley kitchen with cut outs and stainless steel appliances, and more windows and skylights than you'll know what to do with. Take note of how spacious, bright and airy this apartment is - but, like, actually. With an ethereal vibe to it, it feels more like an oasis than a trendy new apartment in the city of Toronto. Has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a stackable washer and dryer ensuite, and a walk-out to a private deck off the second level with a great view of Sorauren Park. And 2 parking spots. That's right, parking for 2! That's really exciting. If you're still in one piece after all of that, get yourself up and at it and make a home out of this show stopper. Available immediately. Contact me today for a showing!


197 Brunswick Avenue - $1,700/Month + Half of Utilities

Make yourself nice and cozy in this 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom upper level unit in a 2-storey Victorian duplex. With high ceilings, updates throughout, and lots of natural light coming in from it's many windows, this apartment takes living in the Annex to a fresh new level. It has an incredibly spacious bedroom - like, with enough space to fit a King sized bed! How often do you see that these days? So spread yourself out, it's all about you, baby. Has a brand spanking new kitchen with quartz counter tops and new appliances, including stainless steel fridge, gas stove, and dishwasher. Woohoo! And with a washer and dryer that's ensuite (also brand new), laundering your fabulous wardrobe will be easy peasy lemon squeezy. How are the neighbours on the main floor, you ask? Why, they’re just a nice and quiet couple doing their thing, liked immensely by both the landlord and previous tenant. Sounds kind of ideal, right? Situated in a prime location with lots to do, easy access to the TTC, and tons of street parking available. It's a cushy affair to be had, no doubt. Available immediately! Contact me today for a showing. xo

Has the Rental Market Got You Down?

At times, the rental market in Toronto can seem a lot like a rat race. When filling out a rental application, it may feel like you're being asked to offer up your first-born and a lock of your hair in order to be in the running for a shot at the prize. You're being scrutinized from top to bottom, with credit checks and references, employment letters, testimonials singing your praises... You pour your entire heart out on a rental application in hopes that you may be lucky enough to walk away with a signed lease agreement, but even once you’ve got all your documents in order, how much would you know about your new landlord at the end of that rigmarole? You may feel as if you're taking a big risk, but with the choruses of “OMG, will I find anything else?” looping in your head, and the endless competition swarming in around you, the pressure is on to act quickly.

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